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Release Notes – ReconPro iOS Client 2.13.5

New Features Access order monitor from service request menu Improvements Showing invoice approval disclaimer automatically or optionally Changes in assigning teams to work order services Fixed Issues Multiple work orders could be created from service requests even though their type did not allow creating multiple work orders In the ReconPro HD version, the Create Invoice […]

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Release Notes – ReconPro iOS Client 2.12.9

New Features Inspection Supplements Work Orders Printing Work Order Draft Mode Assigning technician to phase services of monitored work orders Improvements Showing Advisor Name, Advisor Phone#, and Tag on service requests Calendar screen Saving last selected filter for service requests New filter for service requests: Open RO with Active Service Assigned to Me New filter […]

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Release Notes – ReconPro iOS Client 2.12.7

New Features Multi-select mode for team work orders Improvements Showing and searching Stock# in service requests list Changes in checking VIN duplicates Fixed Issues In some cases there were issues with VIN decoding Inspection pictures added on service level were not displayed after clicking the Show Pictures action Services were not copied to inspection created […]

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