ReconMonitor 2.0 Release Announcement

Are you a used car department of a dealership?
A standalone used car business? A rental car resale department?

AutoMobile Technologies has developed specialized software to increase the profitability of your automotive reconditioning department and reduce the time to frontline for your vehicles with an easy vendor evaluation and tracking system, ReconMonitor™.

With ReconMonitor™ your business will gain unparalleled benefits for your automotive business to streamline your business data, save you money, monitor your bottlenecks and reduce vendor costs with detailed service reports.

ReconMonitor™ announces its 2.0 software upgrade releasing BRAND NEW features including:
• Improved operational workflow, approval and communication tracking between supervisor and vendor/technician

• Now vendor or technician may provide an estimate for work to be done

• Supervisor may review and modify list of repairs or pricing as a part of approval process

• Vendor / technician can add new services after work begins with supervisor’s approval

…and more advanced inspections with:

• Multiple visual inspections (pictures, photos, etc.) allowing mark damages and estimate costs

• Questionnaire/forms that can generate repair orders based on answers

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