ReconPro 2.5.3 Release Notes

New Functionality

  • Added email indicator for inspections and invoices

  • Added support of Invoice Date setting

  • Added device licence status checking

  • Camera Decode Support for Stock number

  • Added e-mail validation when creating a new retail customer

  • Made search fields unscrollable

  • Added RegExp support in Question Forms

  • Added print server filtering option by Team/Area

  • Replace “i” icon with “>” icon

Bug fixes

  • Fixed support notes do not transfer to email body

  • Fixed services not assigned to required question by default

  • Fixed crash when create WO with required question services

  • Fixed connecting view disappears

  • Fixed crash when press team inspection approve action

  • Fixed issue with team invoice not saving

  • Fixed issue with duplicate breakages in visual inspection forms

  • Fixed app was hanged on Unregister screen

  • Fixed issue with create WO with duplicate VIN

  • Fixed issue with check VIN duplicates

  • Fixed issue with remember the choice of print server

  • Fixed issues with invoice payments

  • Fixed WO level split Issue

  • Fixed issue with job service amount not override