Release Notes – ReconPro iOS Client 2.10.4

New Features

  • ReconPro is now compatible with iOS 10.


  • Validation has been removed for required damage services (which are hidden from the Visual screen) that have required vehicle parts and/or question sections.
  • The method of money amount rounding has been improved.

Fixed Issues

  • The invoice Summary screen was not shown on devices with iOS 9.3.4
  • Markers were not copied when using the Copy Services action for a work order with services which question sections contained photos with markers.
  • When using the Copy Services action on a work order screen, only one service item (of several) was actually copied.
  • The Create Invoices action, which must be shown in the multi-select mode, was shown for a single work order.
  • The Appointment screen was not shown after tapping an appointment on the service request Summary screen in the ReconPro HD version.
  • Price matrix service of labor type was not calculated correctly when creating an invoice from a work order.