Release Notes – ReconPro iOS Client 2.10.8

New Features

  • Order Monitor: the Questions section has been added to the Service Details screen
  • Services: auto-assignment of default technician to client services


  • New vehicle types have been added to the Vehicle view of price matrix services
  • The preview section of image notes has been improved
  • Showing client’s repair location on the Vehicle screen
  • Saving inspections and work orders without required insurance company
  • Auto-assignment of work orders to teams has been implemented
  • The Video Capture option has been added to the Settings screen
  • Auto-scrolling to required services with fields which are required, but not filled in
  • Application performance on screens with multiple image previews has been improved

Fixed Issues

  • There was an issue with displaying inspection video notes.
  • The Back option was shown instead of the Cancel option on the Question Answers screen.
  • In some cases an incorrect amount was shown on the work order Summary screen.
  • In some cases there was an issue with adding more than one custom damage on the Visual screen of inspections.
  • There was an issue with calculating approved amount of inspections.