Release Notes – ReconPro iOS Client 2.11.1

New Features

  • Order Monitor: ability to change repair order status has been added
  • Order Monitor: managing phases on the Order Monitor screen
  • Invoices: the Export Failed status filter has been added
  • Service Requests: showing the Advisor field on the Vehicle screen
  • Selecting service advisor for retail customers
  • Using one photo capture mode throughout the application


  • Team Invoices: searching invoices by VIN and Stock#
  • Order Monitor: showing warning messages that explain why the status of repair order phases or services cannot be changed
  • Downloading images before copying inspections and work orders
  • Now when you open work order details on the invoice Info screen, the services are shown in the same sequence they were added to work order

Fixed Issues

  • In some cases the application stopped responding after using the Change PO# action for team invoices.
  • List of actions was not fully visible on the work order Summary screen due to the Duplicate Services warning message.
  • There was an unwanted switching to the screen with question answer services immediately after selecting a question answer.
  • There was an incorrect technician split error when a service was added to work order multiple times with different prices.
  • There was an incorrect technician split error when the price of a work order service was changed on the Order Monitor screen.
  • There was an issue with local work order number duplicates