Release Notes – ReconPro iOS Client 2.8.3

New Features

  • Order Monitor: Auto-assignment of technician to completed service
  • Service Requests: ability to reject service requests has been added
  • Invoices: ability to search and then select a contact from the local address book for sending invoice by email
  • Car History: the vehicle stock# has been added to the list


  • The new Paste button, which was added to the standard keyboard in iOS 9, now works correctly when entering the VIN on the Vehicle screen in the ReconPro HD version.
  • The Archived status has been removed from the team inspections filter.
  • Warning message “Total amount is not equal” has been replaced by a more self-explanatory message “Split amount should be equal to total amount” in the Custom split on Technicians screen.
  • Search bar frame color has been changed from black to gray on the Claim screen in the ReconPro HD version.

Fixed Issues

  • Taxable amount of invoices with multiple work orders was calculated and printed incorrectly.
  • Issue with the Visual Inspection screen that slides down after saving notes.
  • Issue with saving invoice after removing PO#.
  • In the ReconPro HD version it was possible to save a work order without filling in required information on the Claim screen.
  • Services of the Fee Bundle price type were not added to calculation while creating a work order.
  • Issue with sending an invoice by email after changing customer.
  • Issue with showing price of services with long name on the Summary screen of the work order.
  • There was no warning message after canceling the creation of new inspection from work order.
  • It was not possible to start services in random order on the Order Monitor screen in the ReconPro HD version.
  • Work orders created on device could not be saved in the Back Office application because they contained invalid XML data.
  • An improper symbol (left bracket) appeared on the invoice printouts.
  • Inspection approval signature was not shown on the inspection printout.

Known Issues

  • No warning message “Would you like to reject  selected service request?” appears when service request is rejected in the ReconPro HD version.