Release Notes – ReconPro iOS Client 2.8.4

New Features

  • Service Requests: New permissions for creating and editing service requests and appointments on mobile device
  • Service Requests: New Design of Appointments section on the Service Request Summary screen
  • Service Requests: Showing appointment details from the service request summary screen
  • Customers: The Notes field has been added to the customer Details screen


  • Now, each status icon has a different color which makes it easy to distinguish them, especially when several icons are shown close to each other.
  • The “Approve” icon is not shown on the Actions screen when you select multiple inspections that have been already approved.

Fixed Issues

  • Picture notes of service items could not be saved in inspections and work orders.
  • Incorrect subtotal amount was shown when printing an invoice with a discount.
  • There was an unnecessary “Cancel Invoice” warning message in the ReconPro version.
  • Service notes were not displayed in the services section on the invoice printout.
  • In the ReconPro HD version, the Change PO# dialog didn’t close after taping Done in the keyboard without making any changes in the dialog.
  • Invoices could not be sent to the Back Office application because it was not possible to change the invoice customer.
  • No technician was assigned to additional matrix services in work orders created from inspections.
  • There were some issues with inspection printout: custom visual inspection images were not shown, questions were not sorted correctly, customer signature was not aligned correctly.
  • Some services were not added to the work order created automatically after inspection approval.
  • The same service request appointment was shown with a different phase icon when opened from actions list and on summary screen.