Release Notes – ReconPro iOS Client 2.8.5

New Features

  • Work Orders: starting delayed repair orders
  • Inspections: saving inspections as draft


  • The process of saving the last invoice number has been improved to avoid the problem of invoice number duplication.
  • Custom image generation for inspection printing has been improved, so now the damage marks are visible clearly on big images scaled down for printouts.
  • When calculating the amount that extends to 0.005, the money values round up, not down as before, for example, 1.665 rounds to 1.67

Fixed Issues

  • Invoices with the same local number were created from different work order.
  • Hidden price was shown on the Team Work Orders screen.
  • After changing a technician’s zone in the Back Office application, and updating the Main database on mobile device, the device login list was not updated.
  • There were crashes caused by remote printing issue.
  • There were crashes that happened while adding a service request of the type that denies adding service requests on mobile devices.
  • There were intermittent crashes that happened when trying to print from the Recent Prints on the Settings screen.
  • Warning message “Invoice PO# shouldn’t be empty” was not shown after deleting PO# in the Change PO# dialog.
  • When printing an invoice via online printing, the PDF file with incorrect technician information was generated.