Release Notes – ReconPro iOS Client 2.8.9

New Features

  • Multi-Select Mode for Team Inspections and Team Invoices


  • Now you cannot create retail customers with empty names.
  • When you copy an inspection with notes, the notes are also copied.
  • Non-default technicians are now saved in the work order services of price matrix type.
  • Employees that are assigned only to the Inspector role can see the My Inspections, Team Inspections, My Work Orders, and Team Work Orders options on the Home screen.
  • If no question section is selected in the settings of a service with multiple vehicle parts, while adding this service to inspection, all service items are saved at once (no need to save each service item separately).

Fixed Issues

  • There was an issue with saving final inspections created from service requests.
  • Service that requires selecting not multiple vehicle part was added to work order twice.
  • There was an issue with showing a picture taken for a question section of the image type.
  • In some cases invoices created on mobile device were not sent to the Back office application and for that reason were not shown on the Team Invoices on mobile device.

Known Issues

  • It is impossible to change services status on mobile device when the “Do Not Track Individual Service  Statuses” option is ON, while the “Start Service Required” is OFF in the phase settings of the Back Office application.