Release Notes – ReconPro iOS Client 2.9.1

New Features

  • Work Orders: technician split by service types
  • Work Orders: showing vehicle parts for technician split by service types and on the Tech Revenue screen
  • Settings: deleting images to free up mobile device storage
  • The new “More” icon has been added to the action list of team inspections, team work orders, and team invoices.


  • All selected vehicle parts are shown on the service Details screen of inspections and work orders.
  • Mobile device users with the Inspector role can now approve work orders and inspections.
  • According to the price policy, service bundle items are now struck through and excluded from work order total amount.

Fixed Issues

  • There were issues with calculating price and discount of services with vehicle price policy and multiple vehicle parts.
  • Tech code was shown on the invoice Summary screen.
  • There were confusing messages about license termination and suspension.
  • In some cases the ReconPro HD version stopped responding after creating a work order from inspection and opening bundle service details on the Services screen.
  • In some cases the ReconPro HD version stopped responding after putting the damage on the edge of the visual inspection screen.
  • In the ReconPro HD version, required damages were not hidden from the visual inspection screen.
  • There were issues with the Check In actions in service requests.

Known Issues

  • It is impossible to change services status on mobile device when the “Do Not Track Individual Service Statuses” option is ON, while the “Start Service Required” is OFF in the phase settings of the Back Office application.