Release Notes – ReconPro iOS Client 2.9.8

New Features

  • Inspections/Work Orders: Avalara Sales Tax support
  • Work Orders: the Technicians action has been added
  • Questions: the ability to search answers for single and multiple selection questions has been added


  • Now you can edit only draft inspections if the Draft Mode option is turned on for their inspection type.
  • Now you can see the approved amount on the My Inspections screen and the Team Inspections screen.
  • Now inspection printouts show service Quantity that is used for calculating service Amount.

Fixed Issues

  • There was a commission calculation issue related to assignment of services with negative amount.
  • Values of services with Percentage price type were rounded up differently on the printouts in the Back Office application and on mobile device.
  • If the Multiple setting was not selected for a bundle service, then bundle service items could not be reassigned to other technicians.