Release Notes ReconPro for iOS v.2.6.2

** Will be Available In iTunes on 1/2/15

New Functionality

Updated the page layout for the iOS client, we added an icon for the action button instead of displaying the words action.

Bug fixes

Fix incorrect RO shown for SRs
Fix small letters are used for RO and Stock
Fix RO cut for SR details
Fix issues with search by scanned VIN in Car History
Fix issue with save PO
Fix app crash with empty question sections
Fix issue with copying matrix service with copy matrix services in WO
Fixed issue with Empty customer info
PocketJet Issues with 2.6
Fixed endless SRs loading, fixed
The virtual keyboard is blocking the button “Done” in the notes, fixed
App does not ask user to turn camera ON, fixed
Fix issue price matrix without panels in calculation script
Fix issue search bar and the entire screen are distorted
Icons overlap text, fixed
Invoice issue, fixed