Release Notes – ReconPro iOS Client 2.8.0

New Functionality

  • Invoices: added a new icon that indicates whether a given invoice has been printed
  • Invoices: added possibility to see whether invoice can be approved on mobile device
  • Service Requests: Suggested Start and Suggested Finish dates are now shown on service request Summary page
  • Service Requests: added Service Request Number, a unique identifier for each service request


  • Now work orders on the Monitor screen on mobile devices are sorted the same way as on the Repair Orders page in the Back Office application

Bugs Fixed

  • Fixed intermittent issue with printing invoices
  • Fixed intermittent issue with invoices duplicates and invoice price doubling
  • Fixed issue with positioning of the Size/Severity popover window
  • Fixed issue with service bundle price after converting inspection into work order
  • Fixed issue with service bundle price when saving work order
  • Fixed issue with approval requirement when making a copy of inspection
  • Fixed intermittent application crash when making a photo
  • Fixed intermittent issue with camera that was turning all directions when trying to take a photo
  • Fixed issue with saving inspections, invoices, work orders, etc. when internet connection is poor
  • Fixed issue with filtering invoices for customers who are PO required and not required