Release Notes – ReconPro iOS Client 2.8.2

New Functionality

  • Invoices: Invoice number has been added to the footer of the Invoice wizard steps
  • Work Orders: Fees calculation based on service Price Policy.


  • The Archive action is now hidden from the list of actions available for archived inspections.
  • The bundle service quantity in inspection now corresponds to the bundle service quantity in service request from which inspection is created.

Fixed Issues

  • The list of technicians disappears when attempting to enter a technician split while the keyboard is active.
  • Fixed issue with generating PDF on invoice summary in My Invoices
  • Fixed issue with empty Contact form on the Customers, Inspections, Work Orders, and Service Requests screens in ReconPro HD version.
  • Fixed issue with impossibility to make partial payment for team shared invoice in draft status.
  • Fixed issue with showing “#” icon for invoices without PO#.
  • Fixed issue with creating a new work order in My Work Orders in ReconPro HD version.
  • Fixed issue with closing the list of Work Order types when creating a work order from inspection.
  • Fixed issue with opening My Work Orders instead of opening work orders related to selected vehicle in Car History.
  • Fixed issue with possibility to create two invoices with the same number.
  • Fixed issue with generating PDF on inspection summary.
  • Fixed issue with hiding Search panel after deleting work order.
  • Fixed issue with opening the Questions section and the Adjustments section after adding notes to inspection.

Known Issues

  • Taxable amount of invoices with multiple work orders is calculated and printed incorrectly.
  • Issue with the Visual Inspection screen that slides down after saving notes.
  • Issue with saving invoice after removing PO#.